Inquiry-based Learning: Education in an Era of Hyperspeed

Posted by Kathleen Alexander on Jan 30, 2018 9:01:00 AM

There has never been a greater need for education reform than the present moment.

Educators and parents face an enormous challenge today in preparing present and upcoming generations for a rapidly changing and highly unpredictable future. In the next few decades automation and artificial intelligence may make seemingly stable professions largely redundant. Changes to our climate may possibly lead to sweeping migration and drastic transformation of economic production models. Technologies that seem cutting edge and rich in opportunity may be entirely obsolete by the time today’s kindergartner enters the job market. As a result, an educational model that was developed for the industrial era is likely to be entirely insufficient to the actual world our children and students will live in.

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Topics: cognitive development, science, STEM education, math

Interview with Kathleen Alexander

Posted by Kathleen Alexander on Jan 22, 2018 12:06:07 PM

Aligning seamlessly with the mission at Muse Academy, Kathleen’s evolving educational philosophy is one that values the unique learning styles, talents, and artistic perspective of every child.  


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Topics: cognitive development, science, STEM education, math, kindergarten

Guide to Private School Admissions in Brooklyn & NYC

Posted by Zoe Marmot on Oct 17, 2017 3:34:25 PM

How to Choose the Right School without Losing Your Sanity

Choosing the right school for your child can be a daunting, exhausting and nerve-wracking process, especially in New York City. Many parents put their child’s name on preschool waiting lists before they’re even born. Even then it’s not a guarantee your child will be given a place.

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Topics: private school admissions

Interview with Deborah Bradley-Kramer, Director Music & Performance

Posted by Deborah Bradley-Kramer on Aug 30, 2017 11:48:10 AM

MUSE Academy's Director of Music & Performance, Deborah Bradley-Kramer, talks about her background teaching Columbia's Music Humanities course for the past 20 years, and the perspective on music education she brings to her new role at MUSE Academy.

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Topics: music education

Why Every Child Should Study Movement: Importance of Dance Education

Posted by Yun-Tzu Chang on Aug 26, 2017 10:59:00 AM

Can you imagine yourself walking into a classroom and seeing a teacher with preschoolers sitting on the floor, in a circle, attempting to grow a gigantic flower with their bodies that buds, blooms, wilts, and dissolves? What about kindergartners going on a transcontinental adventure by swimming across a raging river, climbing up a mountain, and finally, riding horseback to arrive at the sparkling Pacific Ocean? Or first grade students connecting with each other by using different body parts to make geometric shapes that then build and transform into a sheltering structure?

These are small glimpses of the excitement that can be created by incorporating movement into early education.

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Topics: dance education

Music and Cognitive Development: Boost Brain Growth & Academic Results

Posted by Deborah Bradley-Kramer on Jul 5, 2017 10:33:04 AM

It has been long established that consistent, high quality music education promotes rapid cognitive development in children. We know that music education raises the IQ level in children by around 7.5 points, or close to 20%, and that musical training is associated with higher scores in both math and language tests. But recent findings in brain scans and neuroscience underline just how profound these benefits are to a child’s rapidly developing neural networks. In a recent study at MIT, scientists note that music sensitivity may be more fundamental to the human brain than is speech perception. “There are theories that music is older than speech or language,” one of them writes. “Some even argue that speech evolved from music.”

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Topics: music education, music brain scans, cognitive development

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